What is a sourdough starter?

In short, a sourdough starter is a concentration of natural yeast and bacteria which is used much like commercial yeast to both leaven bread (make it rise), and to provide unique flavours to your bakes.

This yeast and bacteria is found in the atmosphere all around us, and in the flour itself. The flour and water base of a sourdough starter provides the perfect environment for this yeast and bacteria to call home, and to thrive and multiply.

A sourdough starter is therefore a community of living organisms and is alive! You can think of it like a bubbly pet. As long as it is fed (with more flour and water) and looked after, it will reward you with the ability to produce delicious baked goods for years to come. Click here to find out more on maintaining your own sourdough starter.

Sourdough starters can be tricky to get going, and they can become more predictable and gain both strength and flavour over time. This is where we make the first steps into sourdough baking a little easier, with our kits.

Our well established starters are carefully dehydrated and put into ‘hibernation’ which when reactivated, swiftly return to their original strength and are ready to bake with in just four days.

Happy baking,

Jenny & Jack x